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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sometimes "derivative" isn't a bad word...

Do you like Sérgio Mendes? Stevie Wonder? The soundtrack to Get Shorty? The Ventures?

Then you will like Panamerican, the album named after a defunct airline that evokes the same era, with cover art that makes sure you get the reference, by Klément Julienne, a pair of multi-national French DJs and musicians. The only album by them, it is totally worth the price. We discovered it because a copy was in the cabin we rented in Buena Vista last week, and I had it ordered and waiting for us at home after one listen. Listening again now even as I type. Our musician 15-year old thinks it is incredible, too.

Here are some of the album on Youtube, in case you don't believe me (and the fact I am going to this much trouble says you should believe me :).

1. Martin
2. Medecine Man
3. Possoz Boogie
5. Mannix

It's the best different thing I've heard since Amadou & MariamJoe Bob sez check it out.

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