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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I can stop at any time - the weather edition

Last night I fed my weather addiction by attending training in Linn, Missouri, to be a weather spotter for the NWS. It was taught by Jim Kramper, a meteorologist from the St. Louis NWS office, which is the office that covers my county. The course covered tornadoes (obviously), but also other "weather events" such as flash flooding, hail, snow, etc. I learned some new things, and enjoyed going with our friends Greg and Charlotte, who were the ones who brought the class to my attention in the first place. This morning I signed up to be a volunteer weather spotter (not storm chaser, although that has always interested me, too).

The quote of the evening (because Jim emphasized it three times) was:

"Do not call me and tell me you see, 'A tornado in the sky'!"
[Because that would be a funnel cloud. For it to be a tornado, there has to be debris flying on the ground. For more info you can download the brochure used in class.]

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